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Zimenkovsky Boris S.

First vice-rector for research and educational work
Hzhehotskyy Mieczyslaw R.

Rector for research and educational work
Anatoly Mahlovanyy
Khobzey Nicholas K.

Rector for Clinical Work
Bazylevych Andrew Y.

Rector for economy
Goat Juliana V.

Dean of the Medical Faculty №1
Dybas Bogdan V.

Dean of the medical faculty №2
Kryvko Yuri Y.

Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry
Ohonovskyy Roman Z.

Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy
Hromovyk Bogdan Petrovic

Orest Evgenevich Sichkoriz

Dean of Foreign Students
Varivoda Eugene S.

Head of the Training Division
Irina salty Ilinichna
Assistant Rector Personnel
Weak Mikhail

Assistant Rector, secretary of administration
Natalia Kuchumova

Head unions
Kornienko Gregory I.

Scientific Secretary
Svitlana lichen

Chief Accountant
Eugene D. Jakubowski

University Counsel
G. Michael Mina

Head of Student Parliament
Vashchenyuk MI med.fak student. №2

Director of the Dental Medical Center
Shybinskyy Vladimir Y.

The head of the administrative work
Voice Vasiliy