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The establishment of the pharmaceutical faculty with the direction of preparation “Pharmacy” is conditioned by the constant growth of the pharmacy network, expansion and increase in the volumes of production by domestic pharmaceutical companies entering the world market and requiring skilled personnel support.

Currently, the pharmaceutical sector of the Ukrainian healthcare industry needs highly qualified pharmacy pharmacists who would be able to search, develop, manufacture, research, standardize, store and release medicinal products and medical products. The training of such specialists is carried out by the pharmaceutical faculty.

The teachers of the faculty on the basis of educational and professional programs create author’s training programs, which include problem teaching of teaching material, active teaching methods, in particular, business and role games, colloquiums, seminars-conferences, express-polls, testing, analytical reports, etc.

Practical and seminar classes from the 1st year are conducted in English, which increases the competitiveness of graduates of the faculty in the domestic and foreign labor market.

The teaching staff ensures the implementation of curricula based on the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System of Loans. Used advanced teaching methods, modern forms of control and attestation “Krok-1” and “Krok-2”.

Теst-based licensed exams “Кrok”

Теst-based licensed exams “Кrok” (Step)

The licensed test-based exams are the mandatory integrative part of the state attestation for awarding qualification ‘Pharmacist’. Students taught in Pharmacy are obliged to pass two separate test-based exams – «KROK 1» and «КROK 2».
The first exam «Кrok 1. Pharmacy» includes questions of the natural-scientific disciplines, the second one – «Кrok 2. Pharmacy» – questions of the key professionally-oriented disciplines. The licensed test-based exams are held at all educational institutions of Ukraine, which have a license for training in Pharmacy specialty, for one day in one-shift, written (blanks) test-based form.