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Winner of All-Ukrainian Prize

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Hanitkevych YAROSLAV

Doctor of Medicine (1968), Professor (1971)

an actual member of the Shevchenko Scientific Society (1992), winner of the All-Ukrainian prize named John. James (2004), Honorary Member of the Ukrainian Medical Association (2005).

Research: History of Ukrainian medicine, cholelithiasis, biological surfactants.

In matters of scientific contacts, cooperation, and exchange of literature, presentation material can be accessed, Ukraine, 790015, m. Lviv, Boberskyi  Street, 19.

Biographical information:

Jaroslav Hanitkevych, born 09.07.1929. In. Radekhiv, Lviv region. He graduated from Lviv Medical Institute (1951), a graduate student and assistant department of Physiology (1951 – 1956). Assistant and Associate Professor of Physiology Ivano-Frankivsk Medical Institute (1956-1970); Head of the Department of Physiology of Chernivtsi University (1970-1981), a leading researcher, head of academic laboratory biotechnology lab supervisor cholelithiasis Lviv Medical University (1989-1999). The main directions of research of bile and bile acids in the pathology and physiology of the body and cholelithiasis (cholelithiasis), mineralogical and crystallographic mechanisms of coniferous nodules as biomineral, the physiological role of surface-active substances, history, and revival of Ukrainian medicine.

He was a member of the Scientific Council Membranology in the USSR, the Scientific Council of Physiology at the MVO SSR, a member of the National Committee of Soviet surface-active substances, member of several editorial boards, several dozen party congress, congresses, symposia on hepatology, gastroenterology, physiological effects of surface materials , medical history and so on.

He developed methods for early diagnosis of cholelithiasis, offered two inventions at the invitation of foreign scientists and material foundations of works represented in international forums on issues Hepatology in Berlin (1994), Freiburg (1997), Lake Tahoe (USA, 1997), Basel ( 1999), Syktyvkar (Russia, 1996), Cluj (Romania, 2000).

Founder (1989) and the first chairman of the medical commission revived Scientific Society. Shevchenko, the initiator of publications and editor of “medicinal collection”. Participant in national and international conferences and congresses Congress on the development and history of Ukrainian medicine, has published over 80 articles on the history and revival of Ukrainian medicine, the banned and repressed Ukrainian medical scientists to recovery in Ukraine university autonomy, one of the founders and member of presidium of the Ukrainian Association of historians of medicine, author of articles to ESA.

Winner of the All-Ukrainian prize. Jn. James (on labor and the revival of Ukrainian medicine, 2004), Honorary Member of the Ukrainian Medical Association in Lviv (2005).

Now preparing to print 3 Volume Bibliographic reference book “Ukrainian doctors,” collecting materials about the doctors of the second half of the twentieth century, who fought and died for Ukraine, suffered repression, defending their dignity, language and culture in the age of totalitarianism, were and are most actively participate in the development of the Ukrainian state, the Ukrainian organizations, the “Orange revolution”.

Author of 350 scientific works, including author and editor of 10 books.

Major works:

New aspects of the physiology of biliary excretion (review) // Physiol. magazine USSR. – 1975 -T. 21. – № 5. – S.690-697.
Hanytkevych Y. (Otv.red.).The physiological role of surfactants. Symposiums.Theses of reports. Chernivtsi, 1975.- 132 p.

Influence of surface-active substances on physiological processes and phenomena in the body of an animal
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// VII The International Congress on PAHs. Proceedings. Sections AD – Moscow, 1978. – S.203-217.
The Study of the Physiological effect of the Surface Active Substances // Detergents. – Munich, 1978. – Heft 3. – S.113-118.
The role of bile and bile acids in the physiology and pathology of the body. Scientific thought. Kyiv, 1980. – 186 p.
Role of bile acids as a physiological substance in the regulation of the organism function. 28th Intern. Congress of physiological science. Abstr. Budapest, 1980.-P.426.
Cellular molecular mechanisms and the physiological effect of bile acids // Physiological success. Science. 1984. – T. 15. – № 4. – P. 46-67.
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Eugene Ozarkevycha. One of the founders of Ukrainian medical science // Medical business. – Kyiv, 1992. – № 6. – P. 103-105. Summary
Hanitkevych J. (Ch. Ed., Et al.). P. Pundiy Ukrainian doctors.